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Shahbaz Paramban.jpg

Shahbaz Paramban 

PhD Student

Shahbaz joined SIGMA in January 2024. He holds an MSc in Design Engineering from NIT Jalandhar and a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from MDIT Kozhikode (both in India). His research focuses on the intersection of nanomechanics, multiscale materials modeling and simulation, and machine learning. (Google Scholar Profile).

PhD Student Hamid Ghasemi at ASNE - cropped - Copy.jpg

Hamid Ghasemi

PhD Alumnus

Hamid joined SIGMa in August 2017 as a PhD student and advanced to candidacy in fall 2019 after successfully passing his qualifying exam. He received his BSc and MSc both in mechanical engineering from IKIU, Iran. His research interests are nanomechanics and multiscale modeling and simulations. of materials. (Google Scholar Profile).

Current position: Advanced Modeling Engineer - Data Scientist, Micron Technology, Boise, ID



Cameryn Burnette.png

Cameryn Burnette 

Former Undergraduate Research Assistant

Cameryn's research at SIGMa focused on developing coarse-grained models for polymers.

Current Position: PhD student in materials engineering at MIT

Dr. Hessam Yazdani.jpg

Dr. Hessam Yazdani, PE


Dr. Hessam Yazdani is a tenured associate professor of civil and environmental engineering and the director of the SIGMa Lab at the University of Missouri, Columbia. Dr. Yazdani specializes in experimental and computational multiscale mechanics, geotechnical engineering, reliability analysis, machine learning, and optimization. Dr. Yazdani has taught/teaches Advanced Geotechnical Engineering, Strength of Materials, Soil Mechanics, Foundations, Undergraduate Research, Introduction to Engineering, Civil Engineering Software and Design and Engineering Economics.

He received his BSc and MSc in civil engineering from the University of Kerman and his PhD from the University of Oklahoma in December 2015. (Google Scholar Profile)

Alfred Ajani Walfall.JPG

Emilda Gwerengwe

Former Undergraduate Research Assistant

A native of Zimbabwe, Emilda's research at SIGMa focused on designing materials using artificial intelligence.

Current Position: Airfield Design Engineer at Jacobs

Alfred Ajani Walfall.JPG

Sigmund Adrian Skinner

Former Undergraduate Research Assistant

Sigmund was raised in the beautiful Caribbean twin-island of Trinidad & Tobago. At SIGMa, he was involved in computational research on the mechanical properties of nanomaterials.


Current Position: Master's student in structural engineering at Johns Hopkins University


Alfred Ajani Walfall.JPG

Alfred Ajani Walfall

Former Undergraduate Research Assistant

Alfred's research was on the simulation of 2D nanomaterials.

Alfred Ajani Walfall.JPG

Camille Wallace

Former Undergraduate Research Assistant

A native of Kingston, Jamaica, Camille is passionate about structural design and community service. At SIGMa, she was involved in a project on the mechanical properties of carbon nanotube-filled polyethylene composites that was later published in the journal Polymer Composites.

Current Position: Structural Engineer at Boeing

Christopher Tilford.JPEG

Christopher Tilford

Former Undergraduate Research Assistant

Christopher is from Houston, Texas, His research at SIGMa focused on developing predictive models for the properties of 2D nanomaterials, an experience that helped him secure a research internship at Harvard. 

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